Welcome to the homepage of Shurdix!

Shurdix (formerly known as Route Hat) is a linux distribution for routers, firewalls and embedded systems.


Some of the important features are:


Dormitories in particular find some of these features important. At the time of writing, 15 dormitories totalling over 4500 students use Shurdix.

For small companies, a complete product (small box without moving parts with Shurdix preinstalled, "Shurdix Router Lite") is available. At the time of writing, 19 of these are in use.


Following organisations use Shurdix in their dormitories:
Wirtschaftshilfe der Arbeiterstudenten Österreichs
Studentenwerk Tübingen
Evangelisches Studentenheim Wilhelm-Dantine-Haus
Haus Döbling
OÖ Heimbauverein


The latest releases can be downloaded here:

Shurdix 0.3 ISO (~22MB)

Devel package (build system + sources) (~5MB)


Presentation from OSCON 2006

README (obsolete, use wiki from the link below)

Documentation (Wiki)


(c) 2002-2007 Peter Šurda <surda@shurdix.org>